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Halloween, Trader Joe’s style

by Deana Gunn October 22, 2013

Halloween is right around the corner!  My 11-year old has finished his homemade BMO (“Beemo” from Adventure Time) costume. My 9-year-old daughter is a very lovely Lady Galadriel (Store-bought dress, but we made her crown and pendant from silver polymer clay and silver and gold duct tape.)  I dress up every year too. Last year […]...

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Raw Fennel Apple Salad Recipe

by Deana Gunn September 17, 2013

Friends and family know the three things I eat nearly every day – almonds, apples, and raw fennel. I love them and they are my snack staples. You might not be surprised at the almonds and apples, but most people raise an eyebrow at raw fennel.  Either they’ve never had fennel or they’ve never had […]...

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Pina Colada Freeze (Dairy-Free Soft Ice Cream)

by Deana Gunn August 30, 2013

Drift away to a tropical paradise with this delicious frozen treat… and you’ll have plenty of time to spend in paradise once you get there because this recipe takes just a few minutes! You don’t need an ice cream maker to make ice cream at home –...

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Roasted Cauliflower with Olives

by Wona Miniati December 17, 2012

So simple, and so incredibly delicious.  Roasting at high heat brings out the natural sweetness in cauliflower, and the sweetness is balanced by salty Kalamata olives.  A great rustic dish that’s equally good as an appetizer or side. I remember hating cauliflower as a kid because the school cafeteria always boiled the life out of […]...

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Swiss Muesli

by Wona Miniati October 22, 2012

Most people think of muesli as dry cereal in a box, similar to granola but not as sweet.  This version uses fresh oats that are soaked overnight, combined with crisp apples and nuts for a truly satisfying breakfast.  Full of whole grains, calcium, vitamins, and fiber, this is a power-packed breakfast that gets your day […]...

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Chia Energy Drink Recipe (Chia Fresca)

by Deana Gunn August 10, 2012

I was wondering when Trader Joe’s was going to start carrying chia seeds, and here they are!  I’ve been buying chia seeds on and off for years (even longer than that if you count Chia Pets.  Ch-ch-ch-chia!), but I didn’t fall in love with them until I read “Born to Run” and came up with […]...

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Watermelon Cucumber Salad: Summer in a Bowl

by Wona Miniati July 30, 2012

I have been buying watermelons almost every week this summer.  For a short while, Trader Joe’s had yellow-flesh watermelons, but they disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived.  If you happen to see any, grab one while you can.  They are super sweet and make for a pretty fruit salad. I first had watermelon cucumber […]...

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Tropical Cocktail

by CelinesCuisine February 24, 2012

Mixing juices, beverages, teas, and various liqueurs is always fun. It’s like being in a chemistry classroom. Sometimes being creative with only what you have handy in the pantry or fridge can give great surprises!  One evening a friend and her husband stopped by for an impromptu quick dinner, and we discovered a fabulous drink […]...

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