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Slow Cooker (Crockpot) Salsa Chicken

by Deana Gunn April 25, 2014

Wishing dinner was ready for you upon your arrival home? Let your slow cooker do the work, and you can have dinner hot and waiting as you walk in the door. Slow cookers are great for stews, meats, and veggies, especially when the recipes don’t require any prep work. I love recipes when all the […]...

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Taco Soup

by Wona Miniati February 2, 2010

Superbowl Sunday is coming up this weekend, and if you’re looking for an easy, crowd-pleasing dish, here’s one you can try for game day.  One-pot meals like this are great for crowds because each person can tailor the toppings according to their own tastes, and you can serve it all buffet style.  (See vegetarian option […]...

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