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Our Memories Through Food

by Deana Gunn March 28, 2011

When we sit down at the table to eat, it sometimes seems as though we’re sitting down with our childhood memories and the ghosts of generations past.  Doesn’t food do that to all of us?  Dishes that you grew up with, recipes that your grandmother learned from her mother, the aroma of certain foods that […]...

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Easy Shepherd’s Pie

by Wona Miniati March 15, 2011

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day this week, I’m making shepherd’s pie.  Shepherd’s Pie, also known as cottage pie, is a layered casserole traditionally made with lamb or mutton (hence the reference to shepherds), topped with a crust made of mashed potatoes. It’s a hearty, comforting one-dish meal, with meat and vegetables deliciously buried under […]...

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No-Prep Veggie Lasagna

by Deana Gunn March 9, 2011

Lasagna is easy to assemble and it’s a family favorite, but the one thing I always associate with lasagna is the wake of dirty pots, pans, and bowls that are left behind – even before it makes it to the oven!   Could I make a lasagna with ZERO prep work?  What about ingredients that go […]...

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Simple Apple Tart

by Wona Miniati March 4, 2011

This is one of my favorite fruit tarts — made of just 4 ingredients, it’s remarkably beautiful and irresistible in its simplicity.  Thinly sliced apples, sprinkled with just  a touch of sugar and butter, baked to perfection on a flaky pie crust.  It’s a simple pie made in the French tradition, with just a few […]...

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